Spending more than 20 years in clubs & events can be inspiring & tough at the same time, therefore we’ve opened up our network with SPARKS. It started with the love and passion to music and one day it became a business. A business that is challenging & rich, straight & crazy, loud & silently focused at the same time.

We love what we do and especially how we do our business. In our case it is about professional executed processes, transparency (mostly:) and whatever may happen: optimism and loyalty.

We transport this optimism and fun while working into our networks. These networks need to be well-coordinated and need to have the same goal.

Our goal is to have a consistent and fluent global workflow all over the countries which includes cultural differences, different languages through different timezones, while we’re shipping great artists to the best clubs and events on this planet.

Now you know why we’re happy to do what we do, Peace!