Kamran Sadeghi has been on a journey exploring all of music’s various dialects, a kind of recluse on his own path. Favouring the science of sound over hooks and conventional melodies, Kamran’s productions are marked with hypnotic polyrhythms weaving through a vocabulary of finely shaped frequencies.

His live sets are both physical and cerebral – he has played Live for such festivals and venues like Nuits Sonors, Roberto Johnson, Rex Club, Resolute, ADE, Resonate Festival, Closer and is a regular at tINI & The Gang. He also has performed at Arma17, Centre Pompidou, Panorama Bar under his Soundwalk Collective project.

Kamran’s sound is uncompromised. His Live performance can be described as an experience into the hypnotic and trippy world of house and techno, both unique, detailed and full of physical expression, built around mature grooves crafted from pure analog futurism.

The name Kamran Sadeghi and the sounds created by him have been present in the ether for quite some time, his early ambient and experimental work, under the moniker Son of Rose was routinely covered by The Wire magazine. His acclaimed LP for All Inn Records shook the imagination of the house and techno scene, fans include tINI, Konrad Black and Ricardo Villalobos.

Kamran’s career is a constant exploration and innovation of his art, coming from a diverse background, ranging from sound and installation art to film scores and contemporary music. Having collaborated with such luminaries as Patti Smith, Jean- Luc Godard and Berlin institution Berghain, firmly establishing his mark as the complete artist.