Sedee aka Sebastian Werle & David Nicolas

After their own musical steps, Sebastian Werle and David Nicolas found in 2009 together and start a symbiosis of sound, which leads 2011 into the project Sedee.
Due to the similar inspiration of techno music by artists like Ricardo Villalobos or ar:pi:ar. They started to create their very own sound, which really differs from the most DJs.

Their very own sound and unusual art of mixing brought them I.a. out to Berlin ́s Club der Visionäre or Waha Festival and leads into an outstanding performance at Sunwaves 20 summer edition.

roots in hiphop, first steps with jungle music (MC RAD) two years, getting in touch with techno music in frankfurt 1998

first steps as DJ on private parties, first gigs 2002 in the area of frankfurt, 2003/2004 more and more gigs last to the residency at „Monza Club Frankfurt“ (3 years) Club of DJ T) 2006-2008,

2007 Timewarp met Raresh first time and fascinated (Sebbi),
2008 met dave for the first time, had the first B2B at „Böckstraße 9“, became very good friends,
2008-09 booked Praslea first time to Germany
2010 Together at Sunwaves
2011 Dave and Sebbi started playing together,
2012 the project Sedee was born and had his first gigs in Mannheim at „Mono“-Parties with first romanian artist like Praslea
2013 several after hours at Böckstraße