Kamran Sadeghi


Kamran Sadeghi is a producer and musician with an urge to transfer energy through sound. His productions are hyper magnetic, with repetition, stillness, unexpected shifts, and sharp punctuations that draw lines through space.

Hypnotic polyrhythms weave through shaped frequencies as other worlds emerge through Kamran’s study of the science of sound. Resident Advisor – “Minimal house that works your body and mind”. His club tracks have heavy support by dj’s and fellow producers such as Ricardo Villalobos, DeWalta, Rhadoo, Sven Vath, Dana Ruh, Raresh, tINI, Sammy Dee, Janina, Cristi Cons and Laura Jones among many others. With releases on Cocoon Records, Meander, All Inn, Nervmusic, Fasten Musique, Brouqade.


His solo live performances are full of details, both physical and subliminal. The experience of Kamran’s microscopic sound design can at times seem three dimensional. There’s a refreshing human element in his ‘on the spot’ rhythm sequencing and mixing, with modular synthesis at the very center – leaving us to question ‘push button’ live set’s.

Based in New York City, Kamran comes from a diverse background of multi channel sound and video art, live performance, ambient music and film scores.  During his first years in New York, he worked as an assistant to Morton Subotnick.  Kamran also became assistant curator at Diapason Gallery, one of the first and only Sound Art Galleries in North America.

The name Kamran Sadeghi and the sounds created by him have been present in the ether for quite some time, his early ambient and experimental work, under the moniker Son of Rose was routinely covered by The Wire magazine. His acclaimed LP for All Inn Records sparked the imaginations of the house and techno scene. Sadeghi has played live at festivals and venues like Awakenings, Robert Johnson, Rex Club, Resolute, Nordstern, ADE, CTM and Resonate Festival. He has also performed at Arma17, Nuit Sonores, Volksbuhne, Centre Pompidou, Panorama Bar/Berghain as a member of Soundwalk Collective.


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