Volkan Akin

Volkan Akin


A music creator and a visual imaginative artist, Volkan Akin experiments with sounds, designing ever more extended and interlocking beat arrangements, a collection of techno, groove, and pure awesomeness.

He draws new lines on the canvas of melodic perceptions with his new re- lease: Voltage. Labeled by Ultrastretch, the new title is a tribute to that rhythmic groove Volkan Akin used us with. It will undoubtedly inspire dancers and listeners around the world to rewind their under- standings of music sophistication within the utter simplicity of natural rhythms. What Volkan Akin does is beautifully intertwining groovy patterns with clusters of voices, scratches and thorny beats that spike fluidly enough to make clubbers love the dance floor.


Volkan Akin unravels now a different but amazingly constructed warm sound, with touches of clean voices and beats. It seems created to become an addiction and it sounds so good that a swirling and progressive merging into the depths of your souls can’t describe it. Volkan Akin un- dergoes a critical transformation into an international known artist after this release with Ultra- stretch. And this happens mainly because until now he performed mostly in Germany, Club der Visionäere being one of his best achievements.

‘Voltage’ is a collection of original tracks, unthinkable rhythmic mixes and the AC/ DC remix by Ricardo Villalobos, the last one being a step further into the melodic core of ‘Voltage’. What seems more surprising is the high dose of creativity inside. It was conceived to keep the people of the night dancing and forget everything.


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